Today I recommend you following presentation: Cloud-based Microservices powering BBC iPlayer. Why? It’s interesting (at least for me) how one of the most popular British broadcasting organisation make their’s channels available online. A high-level architecture is presented. If you are new to AWS, you will also learn a thing or two about the Amazon Cloud.

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Today I recommend you following presentation: The Microservices and DevOps Journey

Why? “Microservices” is a buzz-word, created around one year ago, still not popular in Google, but surprisingly popular on conferences: Google Trends: Microservices vs SOA. In my opinion, in this video, a sensible approach of transforming a monolith to a microservices system is presented. KISS architecture. LogStash, consul, Cassandra, Docker, Octopus are cool, however the question is: “Do you really need them?”. Expect nothing super fancy though, I’m just sharing what I agree with.

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I like to watch a IT related presentations. Those give you a lazy way of grasping the idea of “what’s up” in particular subject. It’s grasping because by watching you won’t learn actual skills, but you will know what exists, where are the dragons hidden and where to look deeper. What’s more, if you are bored, you can always skip some parts or go to next presentation - which is extremely important in our fast-paced business. And most importantly - always learn from the best.

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