The ultimate cat feeder is done. Watch the demo and see why so many people like it!

The over-engineered cat feeder

I’m truly amazed that my first version of the ultimate cat-feeder “stormed” the Reddit (stormed - at least for my standards). The stats around 24h after publishing just a 2 min demo are:


Without further ado:

Music Credits: Fruits by JayJen Music

You can find more details on the cat feeder (building progress, features, technical details) here - all posts with cat-feeder tag.

Shut up and take my money!

Some people said they would want to buy it. Are you one of them?

Here there was a form to share your email, if you were interested in buying the product. Some people thought the files/software will be for sale. No, the files/software/hardware will be Open Sourced, for free, in fact STL files just got published. I was considering for a split second selling The Ultimate, Cloud Cat Feeder as a ready product (despite open-sourcing it), but I decided not to.


As I wrote, the cat feeder will be open sourced - STLs, firmware and software. Please be patient though - there are a lot of files and there are hard-coded certificates in the source code - I need to find and get rid of them. Check this blog/Twitter/FB page for updates - they will be coming in August/September.

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